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Kuwabara is dead, as is Shishiwakamaru.

We did not know until it was too late that losing meant death. Shishiwakamaru was the first victim. It was only after he had died that the Meikai informed us of this fact. Touya was the winner of that battle... Friends killing friends. Touya is taking it hard, which is expected, considering the circumstances, as are the others. It seems that Jin is upset as well, as he apparently has not left his room since the battle.

The battle immediately following was Hiei against Kuwabara. I knew what the outcome would be; no other was possible, though Kuwabara put up a good fight before he lost. I am not sure how Hiei feels about the battle, but Shizuru will be devastated, I daresay, despite her past indifference. I took the clothing he brought for Shizuru from his room, as well as the other things he had. I doubt the hotel would do anything besides throw them out. When this is over, I will make sure Shizuru gets them.

Two of the girls are safe--Juri and Yukina. Both were injured in the battle that apparently took place at the coffee shop, but neither of them have spoken of what happened. I would rather not inquire of them, as they have been through enough.

We have received word of tomorrow's battles. First, Rinku is to battle Karasu. I will say nothing now of that battle, as I realize what the likely outcome will be. The thought is depressing. Worse, for me, is the battle that follows, when I shall have to battle Kuronue. I do not wish to think about that.

This hotel is apparently known for its baths. I wish I could enjoy them, but I do not wish to run into certain people. It is preferable to meditate anyway.

This has been a rather awful day, and it will only be repeated tomorrow...

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