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Mother still has not returned from her latest trip. I am unconcerned, as she calls frequently.

Apparently, my appetite for solitude has enabled me to miss another round of the Soap Opera. Admittedly, this was a little more serious than that, and Shizuru is probably quite upset about the whole fiasco. After all, human women have been taught since the dawn of time that being raped is a filthy thing on the part of the woman--often something only cleansed by a ritual suicide. That practice is, thankfully, no longer in use, but the feeling of being seen as an object certainly would leave one shaken. However, in my opinion, she has been handling it rather well, even taking into account her fluctuating moods.

I read that Juri has apparently been attacked by a spirit. They call it a poltergeist. They have a tendency to attach themselves to teenage girls, as I recall. Perhaps I should go to Genkai's to see if I can assist in any way. After all, the house is empty and clean. There is no need for me to be here.
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