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Hinageshi is fine. She is a tad sore because of her injuries--she is rather bruised up--but she will recover. We managed to find her, using Hiei as a sort of bloodhound. The demons realized that she was a Reikai servant, and they were attempting to use her as a bargaining chip. We quickly banished that notion.

They were rather quickly dispatched. Hinageshi was unconscious, so we took her to Genkai's. Yukina was not able to completely heal her, so, as I said, she is rather bruised. I made some salve for her to put on the bruises, but it may take a while for some of them to heal.

Botan is here now, fussing over her. She was quite frantic with worry. Several people are not aware that she is okay yet.

I hope that Kuwabara plans to go home so his sister does not worry, and also to give her the news, as she spent quite a bit of time looking for Hinageshi. Honestly, with her level of reiki it was shocking that she did not find her, though that could have been disastrous, considering that these youkai had been killing humans no qualms. It is really quite fortunate.

In other news, Mother decided not to get a LiveJournal, which is a relief. She left to go on another trip. It really is good that she is getting out more, and I enjoy the time alone.
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