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Rinku was killed in the first battle, against Karasu. The battle was short and disturbing. Jin disappeared shortly after the match, which is unsurprising.

Karasu, however, has possession of Shizuru. To be truthful, I am almost glad that Kuwabara is not alive to know that this is the price of his loss.

After Rinku was removed from the arena, I battled Kuronue. It was a fierce battle, but he conceded eventually, when there was no other option. With his death, the part of my life shared with him is closed. I will not revisit it.

In my meditations earlier, I came to a realization. His death now is not my fault. The Meikai is to blame. He conceded and therefore his blood is on their hands, not mine. I will think no more on the subject.

I chose to save Hinageshi. She has taken some charge of my wounds. She refused to allow me to treat her injuries before mine were dressed. It appears that the battle in the coffee shop was quite fierce, judging from her wounds. She mentioned that Shizuru was still fighting when she blacked out. Thus, if she does need any medical attention...

We have not seen who Jin and Itsuki are to battle tomorrow, for they are minions of the Meikai. However... Yuusuke is to battle Suzuki, as the final battle in the first round...

Hinageshi just returned from the onsen. She has brought Shizuru with her to pick up some clothing. Surprising...
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