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Well, I have compiled all of the information I received from Koenma, and Yuusuke and Kuwabara stopped by for a meeting on what to do about it. We have a tentative plan. I was hoping that Hiei would perhaps bother to stop by, but he has not been seen since the party, which is to be expected, considering that he made a complete ass of himself. He is probably too embarrassed to show his face. In any case, this merely makes more work for us, considering that we need to find him, as his Jagan is a useful tool.


And Mother just asked me what I was doing. I explained what LiveJournal is, and she mentioned that she might get one.

Which means that I may have to filter sensitive entries. Lovely... Either that, or I could make a false journal with false entries to send her to... That actually might be doable.
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